Music Photography is it just a point and click kind of thing?!! Teaser!

....Well I never thought I was a man of words just more a picture book kind of a guy but I just seem to be finding myself putting words to my images, whether it is just a quick little funny copyright or a brief mention to a situation that occured while I was taking the picture, sure I will give it a go and see what happens......

By all means Share my posts if you find them funny or like them, I am not too sure what direction they will go or if it will just fall flat on its face but sure lets see what happens. :)

I will also try to get some tutorials together from the basics of photographing to well even more basics of photographing and maybe get some of you guys to turn the camera around and see what its like to be behind the camera and not in front of it... ;)

A little extract to get the juices flowing:
.........Just imagine, you have 3 songs, that is an average of around 12 minutes, yes 12 minutes if you are lucky, to get a handful of images that need to tell a story, capture the atmosphere, grab the viewer's attention, complement a review and basically stand out from all the other photos from the other talented photographers(this could range from 1 to 30 photographers) who are also trying to do the same.... Sounds easy right?
... Well let's throw in uncontrollable lighting, bad weather, restrictions on where you can shoot from, small stages, crazy band members running around, Screaming Fans who hug the front of stage( well let's leave them out of it for awhile.), High stages, mic hugging musicians and the RED LED!!! Damn that red light for good measure. This is only a handful of situations.... All of a sudden it doesn't sound so easy does it........

So you guys still interested in what I have to say???? I have not put any of you to sleep or annoyed you with my bad grammar..

Go team!!!!

This photo of Dermot Sheedy from the band Hermitage Green performing at INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival will be part of the post where i explain how and why composition, lighting and timing can make a photo go from being meh to good...:)

Dermot Sheedy  from the band  Hermitage Green  performing at  INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival  Photo: Rory Coomey Photography

Dermot Sheedy from the band Hermitage Green performing at INDIEPENDENCE Music & Arts Festival Photo: Rory Coomey Photography

News just in, men that are found stealing photos are said to be doing so to overcompensate for something that maybe really really small…;)Probably your personality right?! (This has not been proven by any scientists so is completely not fact, but by all means believe me. :) )

Behind the Scense : Meeting the Northern Lights

As the lights settled over Alaska and the Luke and Rory adventures are paused, recharging and post processing begins. Here is a quick behind the scenes view of what we got up to and lengths we go to to get the perfect shot. Lying on a frozen lake and hearing the cracking of the ice makes me realise why I love photography. It is not always about the photo but the experience in getting to that final shot. Also when you have something as beautiful as the northern lights and a Jeep Rubicon it would only be rude not to include it in a photo. wink emoticon Again thanks to Gene's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SRT - "The Official Dealership Of Life in Alaska"

Watch this space to see the final shot from myself and Luke Lee Photography.

And no I was not asleep wink emoticon

COPYRIGHT: The Northern lights, coming to a sky near you. I had a little chat with the Aurora and she is really angry with people stealing photos. She said she would keep an eye out from above for anybody trying to steal and will dance about the house of the person for the CIA(copyright infringement association) to arrive and make you realise why u shouldn't have stolen from artists.. The Hulk and the Duracell bunny have become employees of the month so need I say more!